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Shipping Policy

Blue Collar Trades Club LLC (DBA: HILL TOWN CARDS), "BCTC", strives for a fast and enjoyable shipping process. To that end the agreement below governs all shipments resulting from purchases made on this site or from BCTC and is binding for all users on this site (

BCTC does not guarantee timely shipments of goods or products ordered by the buyer. Third party carriers are used to ship all good and shipping trackers will be supplied when possible to buyers. 

Shipping and handling costs are subject to extreme change and are to be paid by the buyer. Certain promotions may forego this policy only when explicitly stated in writing by BCTC. 

All damages, losses, thefts, or likewise are the sole responsibility of the buyer and not the responsibility of BCTC. All disputes regarding the above as a result from shipping is to taken up with the third party carrier. 

BCTC does not insure any shipments and reserves the right to cancel orders if shipment to the provided location is not possible. In the event of a cancellation by BCTC all funds will be refunded to the buyer and the buyer shall pay all fees incurred by third parties.

BCTC is an LLC of the State of Massachusetts and will comply with all state and federal laws/regulations regarding shipping and handling of goods. All disputes of this agreement shall be settled by arbitration in the State of Massachusetts in a location and date to be determined by BCTC or (if superseded) as set forth in the Terms and Conditions of this site. 

Blue Collar Trades Club LLC (DBA: HILL TOWN CARDS)

121 Union Street, North Adams, MA 01247


Effective as of: 12/18/23

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